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Tomorrow I am going to the Nerdist podcast recording in NYC. If I get to meet up with Matt I would love to give him a card with notes from all you guys. If you want to say so etching about the length of a tweet (please don’t write a book, I am going to have to write these out by hand. My printer is broken) reply to this post.

What would you like to say to Matt?

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Photos from the Nerdist Podcast Live in Los Angeles (at Club Nokia, not Meltdown Comics).

Glad that I managed to get the Quements group in action as Chris made them leap in front of the audience.

Not sure when the actual podcast is going up, but in the meantime enjoy these visual aides for the podcast (hopefully Chris won’t cut anything, especially since he pointed out that his mom was in the audience…awkward laughs).

PS: I do hope that 11th Doctor managed to get her sonic screwdriver back from security. *sigh* I do wish that the security would have be a bit more accommodating, especially for the Doctor…noodlestories.

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So, the early Nerdist Podcast show last night at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis was pretty rockin’. They had a super secret special guest (I hear the late show got TWO guests!) and I won’t tell you who it was, but I will tell you that he was really high and his name rhymes with Shmoug Smenson.

Also, he was horrible at being a secret guest, because he kept peeking from behind the curtain.

After the podcast (which was fantastic), they herded all of us upstairs and lined us up for a chance to meet the Nerdist crew. As I was waiting in line, watching everyone else get their photos taken, I realized that every photo was them making funny faces, or looking pissed at whoever they were taking the photo with, or striking some hilariously weird poses, so I thought “Okay, when I get up there, I’m going to also make a weird face, because that way the photo will look complete, as opposed to all of the other photos where the person is grinning madly and the guys are making weird faces! It’ll be great!”

So, of course, my photo they’re all smiling and I’m the one making the “HOLY SHIT HELP ME” face. Also, not the best picture of me. But I don’t really care. 

Yes, we ate burritos on the way. And yes we enjoyed them.

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set phasers to love me!: Nerdist Podcast Highlights


  • Matt “Mera” absolutely killed.
  • Jonah was his usual sarcastic jackassy self and it was fantastic.
  • Chris was pure awkward perfection. Definitely my favorite comedian.
  • Couldn’t of asked for a better surprise guest than Doug Benson.
  • Got to meet the guys very briefly after the show (didn’t have…

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